A little village with no more than a few
hundred souls in the area, Bingsjö is
known as the home of some of the
greatest fiddlers of Swedish tradition,
and the origin of one of the most
popular polska dance variants in
Every year since the 1960's one farm
has been the site of a one-day fiddle
festival attracting thousands of
participants.   The official program
starts in the early evening, and the
music and dancing goes on all night.
The main farmyard: top,  July 1974,
right, July 2005
Musicians of all ages from all over
Sweden come to play.
Bingsjö's festival is only one day, and it
highlights the local musicians.   The
majority are from Dalarna and the
neighboring provinces.    You can
experience the music of large groups
from small places:  Leksand, Rättvik,
Orsa, Ore, Aspeboda, and others.
There are 3 dance floors for dancing
to live music.   Fiddlers are scheduled
at all 3 sites the whole evening.   
There is also a concert program at the
beginning of the festivities.
The little church at Bingsjö is right
next to the main festival.   A concert
of traditional church-type music is
held there in the evening.
Bingsjö festival website